1965 buick riviera question(s) ?

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1965 buick riviera question(s) ?

Postby cowyn56 » Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:19 pm

Hello everyone i gotta few questions about my favorite car the Buick Riviera and i'm hoping someone can answer them for me since i plan on buying one very soon.
1.My first question is about a custom riviera job that was done by a man named George Barris for a movie back in the early 60's called the Villa riviera i want to know what he had did to the front part of the car it looked like he had extended the hood which gave it a sharper look???? I wanna know if he had actually done that because he also did cut the chrome bumper around where the clam shell headlights so i'm not sure if its just an eye trick or if he actually did anything. (I don't plan on customizing my car or trying to make my car look like it i just wanna know since the car is VERY beautiful)
2.How does a nail head 425 with the dual 500 cfm carbs do on gas on average
3.what were the original exterior colors they came in (1965 only)
4.what were the original interior colors they came in.( 1965 only)
i'm also gonna post up the photo of the villa riviera so that maybe someone can look at it and give me a clear answer.
Please and thank you all http://i.pbase.com/g3/01/128001/2/102150305.ov7YCd5h.jpg
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