Lambo(Scissor) Door and "auto-opener"?

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Lambo(Scissor) Door and "auto-opener"?

Postby sheehan2 » Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:09 pm

I’m about to purchase a new Cadillac CTS Coupe. I was thinking about installing lambo doors(ones that open up vertically). I know there are websites that sell kits and local shops that can install. My question is that, like those on the minivan, where you can click on the remote and those side doors slide open, can I install something like that to the vehicle so I can open the vertical door from a distance?
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Lambo(Scissor) Door and "auto-opener"?

Postby brinly » Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:11 pm

Dream on pal, if you have the money of course it can be done...
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Lambo(Scissor) Door and "auto-opener"?

Postby comdhan » Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:13 pm

Lambo doors are designed that way for a reason, because of poor visibility while driving in reverse. They also have the specific characteristic of being rounded on the bottom corner. CTS doors are pointed on the bottom corner and will likely be where you hit your head more than once. The CTS also has perfectly acceptable visibility.

dont do it...
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Lambo(Scissor) Door and "auto-opener"?

Postby thacker » Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:18 pm

If you install one on a new vehicle, you void the warranty on several parts of the vehicle. If something goes wrong, they will blame it on the lambo doors. Lambo doors are a pain in the butt! Try opening them up in a garage. You will damage the doors quickly. It's a new Cadillac, just enjoy it!
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